Looking for remote coaching or a virtual program ? Whether you have prior CrossFit experience or are trying it out for the first time we have you covered.  Even if you don't have a garage full of equipment (or if you don't have a garage) we have coaching, programming and support that will fit any need.

Personal Elements

   $250(one time fee)

Everyone's Crossfit Journey begins here with the Personal Elements Package. You'll be guided through Crossfit San Jose's course curriculum, through a remote program that will make you feel as supported as if we were in the same place.  Here you will start to improve flexibility, motor control, and learn fundamental movements like squatting, hinging, pressing and pulling. More advanced skills like Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics will be introduced at a basic level as well to start building a foundation for success.  If you're ready to signup click the button below and fill out the form and a Membership Representative will be in contact with you shortly.

4 Personal Training Sessions

1-On-1 Instruction

Tailored to your schedule