Over the years we have compiled a list of questions that come up on a regular basis. We put them on this page for 2 reasons: 1. To save you time. You won’t have to wait for a response to something simple, and 2. To show that you are not alone. Especially under the topic for getting started, we all had the some questions and concerns. If you cannot find an answer that you are looking for, please email us at or text us at (408) 583-6580

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Getting Started FAQ's

What is CrossFit?

We are assuming that if you got to our page and want to try CFSJ out, that you know a little bit about CrossFit, but maybe not. Maybe you have heard a friend or co-worker talk about how effective it is, but you don’t really understand what ‘IT’ is. CrossFit is predominately a group training program that combines weights, body weight movements and “cardio” to prepare our members for anything. It is called General Physical Preparedness.

Here is a video that helps explain what Crossfit is. In a sentence, it is a program to get the most out of your body.

How do I try CrossFit San Jose out?

Just contact us either by email, phone of text (all of which can be found at the top and bottom of this page. We will have a short conversation and help you determine whether a class or a 1 on 1 session would be the way place to start. From their our trial experience is 3 sessions (you wouldn’t buy a car after only one test drive? We combine 1 personal training session and 2 class sessions to help see how CrossFit San Jose can help you meet your goals. 

How do I get started after the trial?

This part is easy; just sign up for your first month of membership we will include 4 personal training sessions to address any mobility or conditioning concerns, instruct you on the movements and terminology that you will most use in classes (this will give you a better comfort level when you integrate into classes). You will be completely prepared by our expert coaches (the same ones that you will have in class) to get the most out of your program. There is no commitment after the first month.

Do I need to be in shape?

While you need to be in a shape you don’t need to be “in shape”. We have helped people from all levels, and I mean all levels. We have helped ex-division 1 football players and mom’s coming back after c-section delivery. Trust us, we will get you there. The road looks different for everyone and we will construct a plan for the long term.

I have children, can they do Crossfit with me?

Possibly. We have members as young as 12 in classes (based on maturity.) Of course, we tailor the workouts and the movements to their developmental stage. Our community is very used to supporting anyone and everyone, and as such there are certain times when the music is more family friendly and the coach’s priority is on the youngest members.

Expectations FAQ's

Will I get bulky or will I lose weight?

Yes and no. The exercise regiment alone has some real impact on your body, but there is a lot that nutrition has to play. If you want a very specific body change, we suggest booking consultation with one of us to discuss your nutrition plan. 

Will I get hurt?

Soreness will happen, injury does not have to. If you are open with your coach about your prior injuries and listen to the coach’s direction, we can eliminate the possibility of injury almost completely.

Do you offer nutrition services?

Yes, we offer nutritional guidance. We have worked with many of our members on creating a healthy way of eating to support your exercise, work, and personal life. We have found that one size, in fact, does not fit all and we offer this service as a personal training option.

Will you get me ready for a Spartan, Triathlon, or Marathon?

See/review the section on “what is CrossFit”. In addition to the regular programming we can augment and tailor any program with personal training to meet your goals.

Pricing/Membership and Terms FAQ's

Why are your rates higher than a regular gym?

What we offer is coaching not equipment. Compare us to a personal training session and we are a value. For the price of 2 personal training sessions you will get 30 days of personalized coaching that will tailor your workouts to meet your specific needs and goals and give you an amazing community to support your growth. All of the fun is included in the membership rates. 

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, but… Our monthly memberships include a 10% price reduction for paying by credit card or ACH. Auto-payments allow us to use our time to work with you on your fitness instead of bookkeeping. If you want or need to pay by cash there is a $20 processing fee per month.. 

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer select discounts. The most important is a family or couples discount. The second, full priced membership (and all other full priced memberships) receives a 10% discount as long as they are paid with the same payment method. Classroom teachers and students under 25 also receive a 10% as do Fire and Law Enforcement. 

Why aren’t rates on the website?

The simple answer is that it is easier for us to give you a specific price based on your situation than keep a menu of options up to date. We do run right around the $200/month mark with Personal training being in the $105/hour range. For specific, contact us here. 

Do you have contracts?

No (kind of). Our basic rates are based on a month to month agreement and the pricing is based on you being here a year, however. We only require 15 days notice for cancellations. Life happens and it shouldn’t hurt if you have to make a change. (This does not apply to our 6 month commitment or our pre-paid yearly memberships.)